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Who We Are

David Beynon, MSc, BA(Hons), QTS
There are not many people who can say they love what they do but I am most certainly one of them. What started as a hobby 15 years ago has now become a career. I am a qualified teacher, musician and am educated to Masters Degree in Computer Science. I have a very keen interest in Graphic Design so it made sense to direct my skills into Web Design.


Melanie Beynon, BA(Hons)
With a varied background of skills I find my role within Happy Web Co is multi-functional.  I have a history of customer services and support; but in more recent years I have worked in training development and delivery.  I am a good listener and am very keen to know what the client wants then use that to help with the design and development.  I look forward to working with you.

Our Experience

Education & Training - 19 years
Design & Development - 14 years
Marketing & Management - 14 years
Software Development - 8 years

Agency Founders

David Beynon

Design & Development

Melanie Beynon

Creative Director