Welsh Connections Music wanted a digital profile to extend beyond just a website so they came to us to setup an online twitter and facebook presence that could be linked in to their website.

we set up facebook and twitter accounts for Welsh Connections Music and were able to link them by coding Facebook and Twitter custom API’s.

The links meant that welsh Connections only had to focus posting content onto one platform (Facebook) and the content would then automatically be added to twitter and their website.  On the website the content was further automated to appear on specific pages depending on what type of content was posted.

This enabled Welsh Connections to reduce the amount of work required to duplicate and distribute content via their various platforms.

Client: Welsh Connections Music

Category: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - Facebook

We setup their initial facebook page and created custom facebook API’s to link it with their website.  Any posts to their facebook page were then automatically added to their website.

Digital Marketing - Twitter

We set up their twitter account and linked it to their facebook page.  Any posts made to their facebook page were then automatically posted on Twitter.

Digital Marketing Connections

Because all their social profiles were connected to their website we were able to assign posts of particular categories to only appear on specific website pages.  This reduced the workload and duplication of work for Welsh Connections Music in keeping their followers updated no matter what media they used to connect with Welsh Connections.

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