WELSH CONNECTIONS came to us as a new community based, not-for-profit organisation looking to develop their own brand.

Welsh Connections music is an organisation dedicated to helping coach and promote Welsh musical talent.  They were a new organisation who were in need of their own brand identity to help promote their cause.

They came to Happy Web Co for help in developing their brand identity on and offline.  We worked closely with them to create a unique logo that was eye-catching, memorable and spoke of their roots.  We’ve worked closely with Welsh Connections over the years and have since gone on to develop their online presence by creating their website and managing their digital marketing strategy which has helped take them from strength to strength.

Client: Welsh Connections Music

Category: Logo Design


We worked closely with the Welsh Connections team to design and develop a new brand identity for them that spoke of their roots and was truly unique to them.  The colours derived from the desire to be closely linked with their culture and the swirl of the dragons neck hinted of the musical symbol treble clef.

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